My Story

I've loved seeing art on products from a young age. As a kid who often had to accompany my parents on grocery store runs, I would occupy my time in the Hallmark Shoebox greeting cards section. I also really liked looking at how Trapper Keepers were designed, and wondered how Lisa Frank got her vibrant drawings all over everything.

I've always been big fan of Roald Dahl books and the Quentin Blake drawings inside them. I thought Quentin's drawings with the scraggily black ink and watercolor were so ugly, but so expressive and cool at the same time. I still love getting inspiration from greeting cards, the patterns and designs on leggings and t-shirts, and children's books. Quentin Blake actually now shares process videos on YouTube! You can check that out here if you'd like!

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to go to art camps in the summer at our local community center, and as I got older, took every art elective in school that I could. In high-school, I enrolled in a vocational graphic design program, and in that class, was introduced to screen-printing. I became enamored with t-shirt making. My first design was a little hippie cartoon carrot character with the saying, "Just vedge." I also got to design and print hoodies for my friends on the shot and disc team, which was really neat because those girls wore them proudly!

In college, I went into the sciences, but was a graphic designer at my university, Wright State. I got to design a lot of fun stuff for them - logos, posters, t-shirts and sweatshirts, notebooks and "soda" cozies lol. After graduating, I took a graphic design job at a commercial real estate company, but since, have had a series of jobs unrelated to art and design work.

But that itch to bring my ideas to life was still there, so I started making cartoons, and insofar, it's been a really fun, but sometimes frustrating endeavor selling my work. I plan to continue drawing my expressive little characters, and sharing them with anyone who's receptive!

Thank you for reading!